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Amal Abu Hrab

Principal of Nour Shams Basic Girls School
Nablus – Palestine

UNRWA School

Amal has over 20 years of experience in the education sector when she joined UNRWA in 2002. She began her career as an English language teacher at Nour Shams Basic Girls School, and besides teaching, she coordinated matters related to communications and IT, teaching aids and resources, as well as participating in teacher training and designing lessons and units of study using STOP Motion. Her dedication led to her promotion as principal in 2017.

Amal received her Bachelor's in English Language and Literature from An-Najah National University in Nablus in 1999, and a Higher Diploma in Educational Studies from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies in Cairo, in 2005. During her teaching career, she won many awards for her contribution to creating a positive and motivating learning environment, which included the 2011 UNRWA Outstanding Teacher Award - West Bank, the 2012 Palestine Inspiration Award for Innovation in Education (Cluster A), and the 2014 Teaching Development Using Technology Award from the UNRWA Department of Education.

Amal is a member of the Khutwa community, having participated in Khutwa's “Sparking Dialogue on Education” program in 2018.