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Dania Samer

Academic Manager at Qimam Academy

Ramallah - Palestine

Private School

Dania has more than 10 years of experience working in various positions in education. She started her career as a teacher for ten years before taking over the position of Academic Manager at Qimam Private Academy Schools in Ramallah in 2018. She is also a trainer and works in educational consulting and research to use her theoretical and practical expertise in building the capacities and skills of educators to achieve quality education throughout the learning journey.

Dania holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with a minor in Electronics from Birzeit University in 2009, a Master’s degree in Science Education from Birzeit University in 2013, and a second postgraduate degree in Curriculum Design and Development from Hamdan University in Dubai in 2019. Dania also volunteers as the Director of Operations and Projects at the Al-Hayat Association for Cancer Control. She is a local activist involved in many humanitarian causes along with her students and other young volunteers. Today, she is pursuing a PhD in Monitoring and Evaluation at the University of Atlanta - USA.

Dania is a member of the Khutwa community, having participated in Khutwa's “Sparking Dialogue on Education” program in 2018.

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