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Giovanni Anbar

Director of the Episcopal Vocational School

Ramallah – Palestine

Private school

Giovanni has more than 20 years of experience in technical and vocational education in Palestine. He started in 1996 with the Team of Experts in Vocational Training project, a Swiss-funded project aimed at developing the vocational training system in Palestine, where he worked with experts in vocational training on developing the national system and strategy for vocational training in Palestine. In 2000, Giovanni established the Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center under the umbrella of the Anglican Church, which seeks to improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Palestinian youth through technical education and vocational training. He the director to this day.

Giovanni obtained his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vienna in Austria in 1996, and participated in several programs and initiatives, including the Middle East Professional Learning Initiative Fellowship Program in 2019.

Giovanni is a member of the Khutwa community, having participated in Khutwa's "Sparking Dialogue on Education" program in 2018.