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Iman Abuzaher

Cash Transfer Program Coordinator at Mercy Corps

Gaza, Palestine

Iman has 6 years of experience of working in community service. Since she was a university student, Iman started her journey in this field by volunteering in awareness campaigns, and environmental initiatives. After graduation, Iman chose working and building her career in this field. She started her career in 2016 working in health and environmental education with a number of local and international institutions. She also worked as a project manager at a number of institutions, the first of which was the Palestinian Institute for Communication and Development, and the Palestinian NGOs Network, both at the beginning of 2021. In September 2021, Iman moved to work as a coordinator of Cash Transfer Program at Mercy Corps’ office in Gaza.

Iman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Islamic University of Gaza in 2015.

Eman is a member of the Hani Qaddumi Found alumni community.