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Iyad Rafidi

Director of the Arab Episcopal Evangelical School

Ramallah - Palestine

Private School

Iyad has more than 30 years of experience in education, starting as a mathematics teacher at the Arab Episcopal Evangelical School before taking on his current position of school principal in 2004. As an educator, Iyad is committed to playing a vital role in developing education at the school in particular and in Palestine in general.

Iyad received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1986, and a Diploma in Mathematics Teaching Methods from Birzeit University in 1997, and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from the same university in 1999. He has also participated in many programs and initiatives related to skills development and teaching methods.

Iyad is a member of the Khutwa community, having participated in Khutwa's “Sparking Dialogue on Education” program in 2018.