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Reem AbuHadda

IT Services Center (UNRWA)
Partnership Coordinator

Gaza, Palestine

Reem has 12 years of experience in managing and designing developmental projects, developing its quality, designing capacity development programs, training, continuous learning, lifelong learning and community services. Reem started her career as a teaching assistant in the Computer Department at the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University – Gaza, before moving to work as a project coordinator at the University College of Applied Sciences - Gaza, where she has held several positions, the last of which was the director of development projects until 2021. In early 2022, Reem moved to work as a Partnership Coordinator at the IT Services Center (UNRWA).

Reem received her Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the Islamic University of Gaza in 2009, and is about to obtain a Master's degree in Development Economics from the same university.

Reem is a member of the Hani Qaddumi Fund (HQF) community.