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Rola Darwish

University Professor
University College of Educational Sciences (UNRWA)

Ramallah - Palestine

Rola has more than 24 years of experience in higher education. She began working at the University College of Educational Sciences (UNRWA) teaching practical chemistry and supervising educational chemistry laboratories. During her years at the college, she supervised many extracurricular activities for college students, and in 2020 she became Head of the Department of Education and Psychology for a year and a half, before moving on to being a lecturer at the same college in Ramallah, where she teaches different educational topics.

Rola received her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Cairo University in 1995, and her Master's degree in Science Teaching Methods from Birzeit University in 2007. Throughout her career, she has participated in many workshops and training courses related to education and computer use.

Rola is a member of the Khutwa community, having participated in Khutwa's “Sparking Dialogue on Education” program in 2018.