Over the course of two decades, the Foundation has defined its work through the track consisting of supporting Palestinian students in their educational journey through scholarships at the Bachelor's and Master's degree levels and granting them the opportunity to complete their university studies in Palestine and abroad. The Foundation's goal was not simply to provide financial support or open up new educational opportunities, but rather its greater goal was to invest in Palestinian human capital.


The Foundation's model - based on one family's deep commitment to philanthropy towards the progress and prosperity of its country and its people - has created an organic community of alumni who rallied around the Qaddumi Foundation's name and values, without any formal organization or effort.


The students’ journey has served as a lens for the Foundation to gain insight into the challenges that its alumni and students face on the ground, from university admission to graduation and on through the transition into the labor market. This has enabled it to define other orientations which lead to the education and learning that support its vision. From this, a new initiative was born, targeting interventions at the level of the learning ecosystem for future generations, focusing firmly on the learner and empowering him/her through learning that extends beyond the walls of the classroom, and is capable of preparing a generation of lifelong learners equipped with a variety of skills needed to compete in a rapidly changing world.


And because the Qaddumi Foundation is driven by maximizing impact and contributing to positive change on the ground, it will continue to act as an umbrella for initiatives that focus on various aspects related to education and learning and as an incubator for initiatives that work towards its vision.

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