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Our Community

Qaddumi Community Members

As our community expands and grows, we are able to have an exponential, scalable impact beyond our individual capabilities as an organization.

تعرف على أعضاء مجتمع القدومي

Our community is the Qaddumi community of youth and teachers, which is formed from the interventions of our initiatives, the Hani Qaddumi Fund and Khutwa, through which we communicate, dialogue and exchange opinions, so that they become an integral part of the fabric of the institution and work with us in partnership and responsibility through our interventions to achieve the desired change towards our vision of “Empowered Youth, Prosperous Palestine.”

In order for our foundation to work with its community in a collaborative way and create space for new ideas and creative solutions, we follow the platform business model, which constitutes the best model for mobilizing towards building and empowering communities of change agents and achieving its vision.

Giving Back Umbrella

Giving back, a lifelong culture

The Giving Back Umbrella is an institutionalized and systematic track developed by our foundation for the members of its community of youth and teachers, with special activities, programs and interventions that revolve around enhancing the concept of our community members giving back to their own individual communities. The concept of giving back stems from our Foundation’s belief, as a model of giving back, and a catalyst for building communities of youth and teachers, in the importance of giving back to Palestine. This is translated through the Foundation’s track record of continuous giving that reflects positively on society and on Palestine.

"Our organization sees the necessity of institutionalizing giving in order to maximize its impact and direct it to positive change towards the prosperity of Palestine. We focus on giving in its broadest sense: continuous giving that reflects positively on society and the current and future generation of Palestinian youth."

Rana Diab - Executive Director

Activities/Programs/Interventions of the Giving Back Umbrella

Sharing my Journey

HQF alumni share experiences and inspirational stories from their journey starting with their studies up until – and during – their time in the labor market.

QF Alumni Scholarship

A scholarship offered by an alumnus to a current student.

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