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Master's Degree Scholarship 

Tallinn University of Technology | Estonia

Once admitted, fill in our application form to apply for the scholarship. 

Qaddumi Foundation offers a master’s degree scholarship opportunity at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia to Palestinians who are interested to pursue their graduate studies.

Located in the heart of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, TalTech is one of the most prestigious public universities in Estonia, and the only university in the country specializing in technology.


Offering a highly practical and industry-focused curriculum, preparing students for success in the modern job market, TalTech has strong connections with the tech and engineering industry in Estonia and beyond, providing students with valuable networking and internship opportunities.


Attracting students and faculty from all over the world, Taltech enjoys a diverse and vibrant community that fosters cross-cultural learning and collaboration. TalTech offers academic degrees in the fields of technology, engineering, and science, and focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing together contemporary disciplines with modern teaching methods that keep pace with global developments and the entrepreneurial environment.


One of the distinguishing features of the university is that it is home to the Tehnopol Center for Entrepreneurship, which acts as an incubator for technology startups and helps them develop, grow and scale up in the world.  Skype started in this center as a startup before expanding and spreading around the entire world.

Living in Estonia

Estonia is an Eastern European country that is considered one of the developed countries in the world in the fields of education and technology, and what distinguishes it most is its total reliance on technology in all aspects of life.

Higher education in Estonia has a global standing with internationally recognized degrees and a high emphasis on cooperation with the private sector and with other global universities.

Life in Estonia is easy with a low cost of living, and the country boasts beautiful natural landscapes, making it an attractive destination for nature lovers.

To be eligible for Qaddumi Foundation’s master’s degree scholarship at Tallinn University of Technology, applicants must:

• Be of Palestinian nationality residing in Palestine.

• Hold a bachelor's degree with a minimum AGPA of 80%.

• Be 30 years old or less at the time of application.

• Obtain unconditional acceptance from Tallinn University of Technology.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

If you meet the above criteria, apply to Tallinn University of Technology Master’s Degree Programs via this link The deadline for Tallinn University application is 01 April 2023.

School of Business and Governance

 Technology Governance and Digital Transformation


School of Engineering

 Industrial Engineering and Management

 Environmental Engineering and Management

 Technology of Wood, Plastics, and Textiles

 Design and Technology Futures

School of Information Technologies

 Software Engineering

 Cyber Security

 Digital Health

 E-Governance Technologies and Services

QF scholarship opportunity covers master's degree programs in the following areas of study at TalTech:

Why Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)?

The deadline for the  scholarship application is 10 April 2023! 

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