Program duration: 12 weeks
First cohort of 2021: February 2 - April 27, 2021

Application deadline: January 14, 2021


Program Background

The GIC iX Online Program takes participants on a real life experiential journey towards developing a startup, including practical steps to design and launch a startup from the idea phase all the way through to the market-ready phase. During this journey, participants work as part of a team to develop an idea for a startup with a technology dimension into a full project, with the help of a mentor who guides the team every step of the way, culminating in pitching the startup before a panel of experts.

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Global Innovation Catalyst iX Online Program From innovative idea to a market-ready product

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Program Objectives:


  • Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset among Palestinian youth.

  • Supporting Palestinian youth to develop ideas for startups through which they can fulfill their potential.

  • Providing an opportunity for exchange of opinions and ideas as well as collaboration with participants from different cultures, enabling the Palestinian entrepreneurs to think about their ideas from different, enriching perspectives.

  • Beginning to form a community of change agents from among Palestinian entrepreneurs.

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Program Features:


  • Top-notch curriculum from Stanford Center for Professional Development.

  • Building a network of relationships with a wide range of internationally recognized experts, investors and entrepreneurs.

  • Practical experience in establishing a startup under the supervision of mentors and experts in the field.

  • Validation of the value and applicability of entrepreneurial ideas by industry experts.

  • Enhanced participant skills such as cooperation, negotiation, discussion, and pitching.

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Target Audience


  • An entrepreneur who has an early stage startup with a technology dimension and wants to develop it and move it to the next stage.

  • A person with an innovative idea that he/she wants to develop and turn it into a successful startup.

  • An employee of a startup who wants to help his company grow and succeed.

  • A person from the entrepreneurship ecosystem who works directly with startups such as incubators and accelerators.

  • A startup mentor.

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GICiX applicants must


  • Be of Palestinian nationality, residing in Palestine (regardless of type of passport), except for Qaddumi Foundation alumni who may be residents of Palestine or living abroad.
    Have a good mastery of English.

  • Have a clear entrepreneurial idea.

About Global Innovation Catalyst

Global Innovation Catalyst (GIC) is an American company with extensive experience supporting startups and entrepreneurship. GIC provides experiential online education programs to develop advanced entrepreneurial skill sets and mindsets for the global market. The 8-12 week online programs combine small team project work with cohort-based remote workshops to take nascent ventures to the next level. The GIC programs combine online instruction and mentorship from experts with decades of Silicon Valley leadership experience to guide participants through the intensive Idea to Market curriculum developed by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Whether the goal is forming a commercial start-up, developing a sustainable open-source project, or creating a licensed product within an existing company, Global Innovation Catalyst has the proven approach to analyze, develop and execute on those ambitions.


Entrepreneurship Track

The Entrepreneurship Track represents one of Hani Qaddumi Fund’s tracks. The main goal of this track is to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset of Palestinian youth through expanding their knowledge, sharpening their skills and reinforcing their entrepreneurial thinking. We see the entrepreneurial mindset as a necessity in today's world and the future job market. Indeed, our world requires innovative thinking in all domains and the ability to identify challenges and develop solutions and new ways of working.

Turn your entrepreneurial idea into a startup!


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