Product nature

An application

Targeted audience

Restaurant merchants & diners in Oman.

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Jood Application

Tarek Yassine

About Project.  

Jood is an Omani based application which helps connect diners with empty restaurant tables anywhere in Oman. Jood gives restaurant merchants full control over the times, the offered discounts, number of diners and the discount rate (generally the discount is not less than 10%).

The app interface is designed to be modern and easy to use for both the diners & merchants, with minimal information required about the diner for reserving the discount and minimal information from the merchant for offering a discount. There are no registration fees for the diners and the merchants, no booking fees, no credit card details needed and no printed coupons. Jood won “Most Promising Startup” in the GIC iX March 2021 cohort.

Pitching video

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