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Qaddumi Foundation signs MoU
with Global Innovation Catalyst for


Online Program

The Qaddumi Foundation (QF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Global Innovation Catalyst (GIC) to support a number of young Palestinian entrepreneurs to participate in the GIC iX Online Program, which takes participants on an experiential journey for creating a startup, covering all the practical steps of designing and launching an entrepreneurial project from innovative idea to a market-ready product.

The MoU comes within the framework of the Hani Qaddumi Fund (HQF), one of QF's initiatives, focusing on entrepreneurship as an important pathway that promotes an entrepreneurial mindset among Palestinian youth, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and way of thinking required in today's world and for the future of the job market. At the same time, it provides Palestinian youth with the opportunity to develop ideas for entrepreneurial projects through which they can realize their potential, support their creative thinking in all fields, enhance their ability to identify challenges, provide solutions and open new horizons for work while adding new dimensions to their entrepreneurial ideas from a different perspective

The 12-week online program will allow young Palestinian entrepreneurs to benefit from the curriculum of the prestigious Stanford Center for Professional Development, and to learn through practical experience all the steps related to the establishment, development and scaling of startups, in addition to enhancing participant skills such as collaboration, cooperation, negotiation, and pitching.

Global Innovation Catalyst (GIC) provides experiential online education programs to develop advanced entrepreneurial skill sets and mindsets for the global market. The 8-12 week online programs combine small team project work with cohort-based remote workshops to take nascent ventures to the next level. The GIC programs combine online instruction and mentorship from experts with decades of Silicon Valley leadership experience to guide participants through the intensive Idea to Market curriculum developed by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Whether the goal is forming a commercial start-up, developing a sustainable open source project, or creating a licensed product within an existing company, Global Innovation Catalyst has the proven approach to analyze, develop and execute on those ambitions.