All these questions and more are answered in the sessions of “Sharing my Journey” presented by the Qaddumi Foundation under the umbrella of “Their Journey is our Greatest Pride”.

One of the activities of “Their Journey is our Greatest Pride”

(The Umbrella for Alumni Giving Back to their Community)

One of the activities of “Their Journey is our Greatest Pride” (The Umbrella for Alumni Giving Back to Their Community) in which QF alumni share their experiences, achievements and inspiring stories they have experienced during their journey from university studies to the labor market and while they are in the labor market.

Through this activity, QF aims to encourage its alumni to give back by sharing their practical personal stories with Palestinian youth for inspiration and benefit, which reflects the spirit of QF and its belief that the more we all give back, the greater and deeper the impact on Palestinian society.

Through “Sharing my Journey”, QF seeks to shed light on models of alumni giving back, sharing their experiences, and inspiring young people to become role models themselves and impact the journey of other youth in the future.

“Sharing my Journey” is a series of interactive online sessions that focus on topics of interest to young people today, either while they are in the labor market or as they are preparing to enter into professional life, to expand their horizons, learn from the experiences of others, gain more exposure to the world and understand its latest developments.

“Sharing my Journey” Objectives


Enhancing the value of giving back among alumni through sharing their experiences with other Palestinian youth.


Maximizing the impact of QF’s investment in its alumni community.


Providing a space for alumni to share their experiences with Palestinian youth.


Presenting the alumni as a model whose journey and experience can inspire and benefit others.


Highlighting skills and topics of interest to youth starting their professional lives.