How can we hone the skills we need to succeed and thrive in our careers?

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One of the activities of Their Journey Is Our Greatest Pride

(The giving back umbrella from the alumni to their community) 

Sharing My Journey is one of the activities of Their Journey Is Our Greatest Pride (The giving back umbrella from the alumni to their community) in which alumni share their experiences, achievements and inspirational stories accumulated during their journey from studies all the way to experience in the labor market. 


Through this activity, QF aims to create the opportunity for its alumni to give back by sharing their personal journeys to inspire and benefit other Palestinian youth, reflecting the very essence of QF's work and its belief that the more we give back, the greater the impact on Palestinian society. 


Through Sharing My Journey, QF seeks to highlight role models of alumni giving back, sharing their experiences, and inspiring young people to also become a role model to inspire others and impact their journey in the future. 

Sharing My Journey is a series of interactive online dialogues that focus on topics of interest to young people today, both those already in the labor market or those preparing to start their careers, allowing them to expand their horizons, learn from the experience of others, and gain greater insight into the world and its developments. 

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Sunday 04/04/2021 5:00 - 6:30 PM Jerusalem time 

Artificial Intelligence

Reality and Aspiration



Senior Advisor at Amazon 

London – UK 

Solutions engineer at Transperfect 

London - UK 

About The Session

 Artificial Intelligence… What does it mean? How did it develop? How is it applied in different fields today, and what can we expect in the future? What are the kinds of AI?


 These online sessions will livestream via Zoom on HQF’s main Facebook page.



Applied Scientist at Amazon 

Seattle, Washington - USA 


Promoting the value of giving back among alumni through sharing their experiences to Palestinian youth.


Maximizing the impact of QF's investment in its alumni community. 


Provide a space for alumni to share their experiences with Palestinian youth.


Presenting the alumni as role models inspiring and benefiting others from their journey and experience.


Highlighting skills and topics of interest to young people as they enter the work world.