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One of our initiatives that focuses on the future generation of youth to become lifelong learners. Khutwa seeks to reimagine the way we think about learning as a roadmap to achieving change, and targets learning at the level of the teaching and learning ecosystem, responding to the required changes in the education system starting from the learning journey all the way to higher education.

Khutwa Mission 

Supporting qualitative learning for a creative generation of learners in Palestine Today a learner... tomorrow a leader and influencer with the courage, wisdom and spirit of initiative to lead Palestine into the future.

Khutwa Long-term Objective 

Fostering a vibrant learning ecosystem in Palestine in which all stakeholders interact and work in a participatory manner.

Khutwa Focus Areas 

Khutwa seeks to achieve its mission through three focus areas directed towards empowering teachers to act as a community of change agents and mobilizing towards an educational system that is agile and responsive to change in the world, and towards fostering a responsible learning ecosystem where stakeholders collaborate effectively.

1st Focus Area

An empowered community of teachers acting as agents of change.

In this focus area, we focus on teachers, who are on the frontlines with learners on the ground on a daily basis, and therefore have the ability to influence from within the system. As such, they are the linchpin of the change that Khutwa seeks to support.. Here we aim to build a community of empowered teachers who act as change agents, who influence each other and the work culture within the school, and communicate with the local community and stakeholder, leading to impact on the ground and direct benefit to the learner.

We are committed to inspiring Palestinian teachers, informing them of best practices, and sharing success stories from our programs through our platform.

2nd Focus Area

An education system responsive to the current reality

Through this focus area, we seek to contribute to supporting the education system in Palestine such that it focuses on change and development as a key factor at all levels, responds to changes at the national and global levels rapidly, and is able to anticipate future needs in Palestine.

We are committed to supporting an education system that embraces change and unites efforts through building partnerships, establishing constructive and effective dialogue, and education change at the system level.

3rd Focus Area

A responsible learning ecosystem.

Through this focus area, we target the broader learning ecosystem which includes: decision-makers, governance bodies, students, parents, civil society institutions, the private sector, the media and others. When all of these stakeholders work together to emphasize the value of the required education and demonstrate appreciation for the importance of this key driver in society, the positive impact will be broader.

We are committed to mobilizing for education as a priority and learning as a shared responsibility.

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