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Our Impact

Our impact is the accumulation of the achievements of our community members, their work on the ground, and their various journeys in their communities. We see our impact in their work as active individuals in their communities and their impact on many fields and on other people, bringing us closer to our vision of "Empowered Youth, Prosperous Palestine"

We are building our organization's community through programs and activities within our initiatives, and we continue to work with them during their particular journeys in order to amplify their impact as individuals and in doing so, amplify our own impact in a way that positively affects all members of society.


Our ambition is for our community members to be able to form a community of active individuals in their community, who carry the values ​​of our organization and are keen to be agents of change in their communities. The greater achievements and work, the greater their sphere of influence, and the greater our impact as an institution.

Yesterday we supported them...

today our community is thriving...

and tomorrow we see their impact on the ground.

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