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Qaddumi Foundation Journey

'A Journey Driven by Change'

Our journey began in 2000 as a Palestinian foundation launched by the Qaddumi family under the name of the Hani Qaddumi Scholarship Foundation in memory of the late Hani Qaddumi, who believed in education as a major driver of economic and social growth.

And through our constant interaction with our students' journey, which we are a part of, we were able to see the many challenges that our graduates and students face on the ground, from starting university to graduation to entering the labor market. At the same time, the context in which we were working was changing, as the rapid change in our world today in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which led - and is still leading - to major transformations to the nature of our lives as we know it, and in particular reshaping the labor market. This requires an agile response to the changes in the world around us.

And because the Qaddumi Foundation is driven by maximizing impact and contributing to positive change on the ground, we have expanded our framework to include interventions that target not only our current youth but also future generations of youth. This requires that we have interventions at the level of the learning ecosystem for future generations to focus on the learner, and empower him through learning that goes beyond the walls of the classroom, and is able to prepare a generation of lifelong learners who get opportunities and acquire a variety of skills when they need them, allowing them to compete in a rapidly changing world.

For two decades, we have worked to empower Palestinian youth to be an effective part of the workforce today and tomorrow, by supporting Palestinian students in their learning journey through scholarships at the bachelor’s and master’s levels and giving them the opportunity to complete their higher studies in Palestine and abroad.

This journey, which reflects the giving, passion and commitment of a Palestinian family to contribute to the progress and prosperity of their country and people, also created an organic community of young people around the name of the institution and its values.

All of this prompted us to develop our business model as an organization around greater flexibility, agility and freedom. An inspiring, motivating and creative model. Thus, we adopted the platform business model where QF serves as a catalyst for our target groups to lead the change we seek to achieve. This model creates communities of change agents. Our role has become to create organized communities that we motivate, activate and mobilize towards achieving the goals we seek. This is the essence of our work today, so our interventions, projects and programs that we are developing are aimed at building these communities.

We began in



Our initiatives work to strengthen our community of change agents, which we seek to expand to maximize its impact and our impact as an institution.

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