Scholarship Track

Scholarship Track

What is the Scholarship Track at the Qaddumi Foundation?

It is one of our tracks under the umbrella of the Hani Qaddumi Fund initiative to provide high quality educational opportunities for Palestinian youth.

What is our goal from this track?

Our goal is to support and empower our inspired youth in their lifelong learning journey and provide them with scholarships for degree-granting programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Thus, we contribute to:

Preparing youth for the jobs of today and future and reinforcing the skills they will need in their professional lives.


Building a well-structured and active alumni community.

Supplying the Palestinian labor market with distinguished youth competencies.

What programs do we focus on in this track?

In this track, we focus on Bachelor's and Master's programs, and we target contemporary specializations that meet the requirements of the labor market today and in the future


Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) Scholarship - Estonia 2022


Application deadline 04/15/2022

Scholarship at Palestinian Universities 2021


Application deadline 15/01/2022

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