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Master's Scholarship in the UK | 2023

Qaddumi Foundation launches its UK Master’s scholarship for the year 2023 in Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science.


For the past 20 years, QF has supported youth to pursue their studies in these fields.


Today, we continue to support Palestinian youth to further their study in these fields and their various evolving specializations that reflect today’s world.

Testimonials from Qaddumi Foundation alumni about studying a Master's degree in the UK

“Studying abroad changed the way I viewed the world. I have learned a lot culturally and academically during the course of my study and I felt the need to put my knowledge into practice in Palestine.”


Hend Tbaileh

Master’s Degree in Structural and Earthquake Engineering | Imperial College London.

Lecturer at An-Najah National University, Palestine.

    "Studying in the UK enabled me to be part of a vibrant, international student community and prepared me to enter the professional world."


    Othman Alkhamra

    Master’s Degree in Advanced Software Engineering with Management | King's College London.

    Senior Software Engineer at Noon platform, UK.

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    "Engineering, technology, and computer science are not only considered growing career fields worldwide, but their graduates can also work in any field, since technology powers all businesses."


    Rabab Khoury

    Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction | University of St Andrews.

    Director of Product Management - Workforce Management at Harri, Palestine.

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    "I advise all fresh graduates to pursue their studies abroad if they get the chance. The level of academic and practical exposure abroad is important."


    Khaldoon Bushnaq

    Master’s Degree in Business Administration | University of Cambridge.

    Co-Founder and CEO of Alma Health, UAE.

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    "I chose to study in the UK because it’s a world-class study destination. It is well-known for its academic excellence and multicultural communities.”


    Rafif Al Amassi

    Master’s Degree in Sustainable Building Technology | University of Nottingham.

    Community Engagement and Advocacy Officer at Premiere Urgence Internationale, Palestine.

      "There are plenty of reasons to consider studying engineering and technology. In my opinion, the most important reason is the diverse and innovative opportunities offered in these fields."


      Akram Dweikat

      Master’s Degree in Innovation Entrepreneurship & Management | Imperial College London.

      Engineering Manager at Deliveroo, UK & ZbyHP Global Data Science Ambassador.

      • LinkedIn

      "The UK is home to many prestigious universities, and obtaining a degree from one of these universities will certainly give you a competitive edge in the job market."


      Amal Shanty

      Master’s Degree in Business Administration | University of Glasgow.

      Programs Officer at Heks Eper Swiss Church Aid and Swiss Feminist Peace Organization, Palestine.  

        To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:
        • Be of Palestinian nationality and reside in Palestine.

        • Hold a bachelor's degree with a minimum AGPA of 80%.

        • Be 30 years old or less at the time of application.

        • Obtain unconditional acceptance from an accredited university.

        • Have participated or are still participating in voluntary or community work.

        If you are eligible, get ready to apply by reviewing the application checklist. 
        This scholarship covers a range of specialties in the fields of engineering, technology, and computer science at specific universities. To learn more, click here.
        The deadline is 15 June 2023!


        Ahmad Alagha

        Master’s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Management | University of Birmingham.

        PhD Researcher at the University of Cambridge.  

        “I believe no field satisfies one’s curiosity and natural drive for innovation as engineering and technology. If you choose to study in one of these fields, you will never stop learning."


          Eman Maali

          Master’s Degree in Electromagnetic Sensor Networks | University of Birmingham.

          PhD Candidate at Imperial College London..  

          "If you are passionate about problem-solving and critical thinking, then engineering and technology are definitely the right fit for you."

            Mohammad Lubbad

            Master’s Degree in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics | Queen Mary University of London.

            Senior Implementation Engineer at Moody's Analytics, UK.  

            "For me, studying abroad has been a transformative experience. I am not the same person anymore; I have improved personally and professionally."

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